Let's Blossom from the Inside Out into Greater Beauty,

Vitality and Wellbeing and Attract Our Highest and Best!

As we delight in the glories of springtime, let us open our hearts to the full blossom of our ageless beauty, wellness and vitality.  Let’s create a design for our optimum health and beauty right in the midst of challenging times, and choose the very highest and best path to support us now and throughout the years to come.


And to do this it is essential to take personal, focused time to unfurl stress, deepen our health-giving practices and strengthen our inner peace. 


“The cry of our times is to awaken Beauty.”  

John O’Donohue

Since 2000 I’ve been presenting self-enhancement retreats for women in beautiful locations around the country and in Mexico.  Although for obvious reasons, I can’t offer you a remote location at this time, I can offer you this intimate, stimulating, growth-enhancing and renewing alternative.


We are in an unsettling and precarious time in our world and I want to give everyone an opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy this work at a minimal cost so it is not a burden but something we can look forward to.  So, please join me! 


Ageless Beauty, Vitality & Wellbeing Inside Out

We will explore the combination of ancient, and contemporary energy practices, scientifically validated wellness and longevity strategies, interactive processes, open sharing and vision-driven, age-empowered concepts.  You will experience practical, empowering skills for de-stressing, increasing health and energy, resilience, flexibility, range of motion, wellness and life-enhancing youthfulness and beauty.  


Ageless Living Skills are an integrated blend of the core energy practices of Chi Kung, Energy Medicine, Yoga, Acupuncture, Integrative Wellness and Alternative Healing modalities.

What We Will Experience During Our Time Together

We will take time together to practice coming back to center, share in enlivening conversations, clarifying dialogue, guided meditations, engage in lively break-out groups and practice regenerative wellness and beauty techniques. We will learn innovative life wellness tools from 3 empowering presenters.  There will be time for journaling and reflection.  We will also explore ancient and contemporary energy practices to help us embrace more of our beauty, personal power and live and age well and wisely. 


Ageless Beauty, Vitality & Wellbeing Inside Out

A Retreat - Time Just for You 


To calm your mind, energize your body and enliven your spirit in the privacy and freedom of your own home.  You will have the option to arrange your space to support your personal journey with whatever makes you comfortable; plenty of water, beverages and snacks and there will be lunch and other breaks throughout our time. 


Friday, May 7th, early evening and for the better part of the day on Saturday, May 8th.


“Being ageless is about embracing our highest potential, trusting in the benevolence of life, our capabilities, and the unlimited possibilities in store for us. It is about awakening to our incomparable beauty and aliveness, remaining flexible, holding the high ground, and honoring what we have to share.”

For Your Beauty & Vitality…

Welcome a wonderful sense of homecoming as you experience

the beauty and aliveness that is your birthright.

  • Feel the rejuvenating benefits of the Ageless Living Warm Up from Sedena’s original PEP- Personal Energy Program. These meditative, refreshing movements will awaken your vitality easily and effortlessly and help you look and feel younger, more energized and balanced. 
  • Experience the regenerative Ageless Beauty Facial exercises that support toning, youthful elasticity, radiance and beauty that shines from the inside-out.
  • Tap into your miraculous energy as you learn to quickly eliminate stress with simple, hands on tools to strengthen and fortify your personal energy field. 

For Your Wellbeing…

"If we have a deep sense of wellness and strength on the inside our bodies will reflect that aliveness and beauty on the outside."

  • There is great healing power in our natural energy.  We can access our abundant life force with Ageless Living wellness and beauty skills and age-empowered strategies that can open and align our energy, bring abundant health, exuberant joy and happiness and stimulate our natural beauty, inside and out.
  • Access doorways to optimal states of wellness as you learn skills that will keep you ageless inside and out.
  • Rekindle a deep sense of self-love and confidence using powerful meditative techniques.
  • Shift into balance, inner strength, peace and greater levels of true wellness during this time of change.  Discover ways to meet the challenges of this time with balance, serenity and personal power. 

Design your own Ageless Beauty & Wellness regime as you experience the wide variety of wellness practices. You are encouraged to create your own personal program from the strategies that resonate most with you.  Your face and body will glow from renewed health, energy and peace, from the inside out!

Gifts of Wisdom from Some Wise and Gifted Presenters


Stephanie James is a seasoned psychotherapist, L.C.S.W. transformational life coach, public speaker, author and filmmaker, who delivers a powerful message with an unrelenting commitment to help others ignite their best lives and become the best versions of themselves. Her world-wide, weekly radio show and podcast, The Spark with Stephanie James, is a show created to bring the very best in the fields of psychology, science, and spirituality. 


Website: StephanieJames.world


Dr. Suki Munsell is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator who draws on forty years teaching creative dance, body wisdom, and the soul of fitness to all ages. Through her Dynamic Walking program, published in Prevention's Complete Book of Walking,  walkers learn a method to build greater vitality, balance, and posture with every step. She’ll be leading us in exercises to radiate The Body Language of Ageless Beauty, in every step. Regain the freedom to embody a more youthful presence and the skills to make it happen.


Website: DynamicVitality.com



Nathan Crane is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, plant-based athlete, event producer and 19x award-winning documentary filmmaker.  Nathan is the Founder of The Panacea Community and Creator of the Global Cancer Symposium.  At only 18 years old, Nathan began his health, healing and spiritual journey, eventually overcoming a decade of brutal teenage addiction and homelessness to become an international author, filmmaker and speaker dedicated to health, healing and conscious awakening. 


Website: NathanCrane.com


Martha Reich Braden is an award-winning Santa Fe-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  She has performed around the world and is often compared to Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez.  She is deeply inspired by nature and her unique style features an honesty and vulnerability. Reich has won numerous Music Awards including a Gold Medal for Female Vocalist in the Global Music Awards. She is also a Certified Music Practitioner.


Website: MarthaReich.com

Sedena Cappannelli is Your Guide for the Ageless Beauty, Vitality & Wellbeing Inside Out Retreat​

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About Sedena C Cappannelli - an award-winning author, Co-Founder of AgeNation, a LifeWellness Consultant, retreat facilitator and Ageless Living Coach.  She is a nationally recognized thought leader and lecturer on aging and co-producer, host and a featured presenter in the Ageless Living Television Series airing nationally on PBS.  Her keynotes, programs and Story Medicine Retreats offer dynamic, transformational strategies for living and aging wisely and well. 


Sedena’s DVD, PEP-Personal Energy Program, is an innovative, personalized wellness program, streamed on GaiamTV and integrated into her work.  She integrates these wellness strategies and inspiring information from her 9-time award-winning co-authored book, Do Not Go Quietly along with The Best Is Yet to Be, Getting Unstuck, Say Yes to Change and Authenticity into her talks, programs and retreats.


As a member of the Screen Actors Guild and A.F.T.R.A. Sedena worked as a professional actress for 15 years, appearing in numerous films, television programs, and theatrical productions.  She appeared for a season on Star Trek the Next Generation.  She was a member of the award-winning West Coast Theatre Ensemble in Hollywood and performed for two years with The Los Angeles Shakespeare Circle, producing it for cable television.  She also produced and starred in the theatre production of An Evening of Lanford Wilson in Hollywood.  She has written and developed a wide range of story concepts for television including Earth Alive Network featuring Ed Asner.


Sedena and her husband, co-author and co-founder of the various organizations listed here, live with their dog, cat, birds and Koi in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


For additional information:







“I have a passion for supporting myself and others to embrace our highest potential, empowering us to navigate the uncharted waters of growing older with aliveness, resilience and self-empowerment, regardless of age. This is a path of revelation, of awakening to new perspectives and being awake, vital and joyful in the process.  It is a profound, life-changing journey.” - Sedena Cappannelli

Retreat and Fee Schedule

Friday, May 7th

Early evening | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (MT)



Enjoy your favorite beverage during an opening introduction and overview of our retreat content, participate in some of the foundational elements of the wellness, beauty and longevity practices and time for questions and answers.


We will end our evening with beautiful, inspiring music by guest-artist, Martha Reich Braden, an award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician.  


Saturday | 10:00AM – 12:30PM (MT)

Lunch 12:30PM – 2:00PM


2:00PM - 5:00 PM (MT) | Afternoon session

includes a 20 minute Break

Take advantage of the

Mother's Day Special rate of $111

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with Sedena Cappannelli.

So I hope you will join me and together we will experience some empowering tools to help us awaken to deeper levels of our beauty, vitality and wellbeing that is so essential during this time.


Looking forward to sharing this special time together! 


With Love and Blessings,


Testimonials for Sedena’s Programs and Retreats

"I attended the Wise Woman Series yesterday where you were the Guest speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed your talk.  I was especially thrilled with the exercises that we did, and for the first time in almost a year I woke up this morning with NO upper back pain!"


Barbara Thompson-Bailey

Jacksonville, Fla



"Sedena, thank you for all you do to spread light and love in our world.  You have made a significant impact on my life and I am forever grateful."


Coaching Client

Get more out of life...with Sedena Cappannelli’s lead.  Now there are ways to make it painless, even easy.  Just copy what top execs do to make any change turn out great.  

Woman’s World    

Sedena reminds us all to keep an open heart by keeping the mind young, and to care for ourselves as we care for the world. I bathed in the beauty, strength and rich history of all the women present. Thank you! 

Sunday Paucar

Sedena embodies the beauty and importance of self-care. Her PEP program is a beautiful synthesis of her life's practices of exercises, movement, breathing, massage and affirmations.


Thank you for an extremely nurturing and inspiring retreat.  Please continue your wonderful work. 

Elaine Schneider

School Teacher

I’ve lost 25 pounds and counting…I’m feeling great and everyone keeps asking what I’ve been doing…haven’t stopped doing my exercise, and all I can say is, it’s working!  

Katherine Castro​

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Retreat with Sedena Cappannelli

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