Your Contribution Matters

In these complicated and turbulent times, we believe there is a growing need for each of us to play a greater role by remembering this good advice from Buckminster Fuller – “We are born to be the architects of the future, not its victims.”

Your generous donation of any amount can play an integral part in helping us accomplish these goals.

  •   Bring inspiration and valuable, life-enhancing strategies from leading wisdom keepers to national and international audiences that include old and young alike, and

>  Offer the Ageless Living Podcast and other inspiring content free of cost to “people who weren’t born yesterday” and younger people who are now inheriting the future, and

>Create and execute the Ageless Living National Dialogues designed to give people in cities and town across the country the opportunity to build genuine community, support improving the quality of their lives and contributing to creating a more sane, sustainable, compassionate, age-friendly world, and

>Help end Ageism in America, and

>Seed future seasons of Ageless Living and other related projects.


Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and can be made via PayPal (insert link) or by check to Empower New Mexico, a 501 (C) (3), 119 W. Sunlit Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87508.  Empower NM has generously supported the early stages of The Ageless Living Initiative.  Depending on your tax status, your donations may be tax deductible.


For all donations you will receive a copy of the inspiring, opening poem that begins Do Not Quietly.  

For donations of $100 you will receive a signed copy of either Do Not Go Quietly or Authenticity by George and Sedena Cappannelli.   


For donations over $250 you will receive autographed copies of both books.


For donations over $1000 you be included in the production credits of a future season of The Ageless Living Television Series and also, with your permission, be added to the Friends of Ageless Living Page on


We know you have many causes that call to your hear and thank you for considering Ageless Living.


"The concept of agelessness is so important, not only for people who are 60 and over, but also for people who are young."


Ageless Living is a moment by moment choice to open, expand and thrive without being concerned about or restricted by the limits of time.  It is the awareness that we are not just physical beings, but timeless energy and we can celebrate our lives and enjoy the myriad opportunities present each day to explore, experiment, learn and share the bounty of being alive with everyone we meet.

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