What if?

What if?

NOVEMBER 12, 2020 | BY  George and Sedena Cappannelli

The more aware we become of how unprepared our government, our institutions and businesses and many of us in the general public are to address the issues associated with the graying of our population; the more certain we are about the need for a new national dialogue designed to identify the real challenges and uncover new and effective solutions for individuals and members of organizations and communities in the time of Demographic Revolution.    


It is a time that some experts say will see as much as 50% of our population and the population in most industrial countries in the world over 50 years of age for the first time in history. Many of these same experts say that in such a world the majority of us 'who weren't born yesterday' will have to be more responsible for our own well-being and for the quality of our own life?


We've been reflecting on this a lot lately and yesterday, as we were taking a long walk along one of the quiet, country roads that winds its way through the hills around my home in of Santa Fe, we found ourselves thinking about a series of questions we believe are important for all of us to answer They are not easy questions, of course, but then what questions worth their salt ever are?

Here are just a few


What if... you have a destiny, a specific reason and purpose for being alive and you are not fulfilling it?

What if...your life is a precious gift, and each moment is a choice point, an opportunity to learn something or avoid it, to wake up to new levels of meaning and purpose, loving and consciousness or to keep on doing the habitual and the less than effective? 


What have it in your power to live your life as fully, as joyfully, powerfully and grace-filled as you have ever dreamed possible? And what if this is the only way you will ever know genuine inner peace, and a sense of satisfaction, alignment and fulfillment?


What isn't about how much you make, what you own, or what other people think of you, but about how you show up inside yourself and in the world through your thoughts, words and actions every day?


See what I mean about not easy questions?  


Well if you're interested in explore some of your answers and finding people like you who are no longer interested in living on the sidelines, they you'll enjoy watching the Ageless Living Series on your local PBS station and you'll also enjoy visiting and spending time with some of the Wisdom Keepers you'll find there. Have you ever stopped to consider where your beliefs come from?  


In our experience this is a critical thing to do as part of our process of creating the life that we want in the world that we want to live in.


We Are Grateful


We thank everyone who has contributed to help support our ongoing work.  We greatly appreciate your heartfelt encouragement and support.  Your participation in The World I Want Collaboratory, other special programs and offerings and The Wisdom Club help us continue our creative efforts to find ways to support you to renew and expand your life, and contribute to humanity's journey and the well-being of this precious earth in this very challenging time. For additional information on this work watch for our weekly emails and visit

Ready for more? Join The Wisdom Club today!


The Wisdom Club, your Ageless Living Membership has been created to support us in addressing

some of the primary challenges we face and in addressing the most important goals we hope to achieve.  It does this by helping us reduce limiting beliefs and negative habitual patterns that get in our way and inspires us to live an authentic life, the life we have come here to live. 


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