The Demographic Revolution

In The Time of The Great Forgetting

The Demographic Revolution In The Time of The Great Forgetting

OCTOBER 8, 2020 | BY  George and Sedena Cappannelli

We are living through what has been called The Demographic Revolution.  As many of you know, it is a time when a significant percentage of our population - some say as many as 50% - here in the US and in a number of other industrialized nations in the world will during 21st Century be over 50 years of age at the same time for the first time in history. 


What has been and continues to be troubling to us about this rather astounding fact is that most governments, institutions and businesses and far too many of us as individuals remain unprepared to address the major issues and critical challenges resulting from this demographic revolution.  This fact has been made even more apparent during the Covid19 Crisis when older Americans have been and continue to be at such risk from the virus.  And based on the lack of a comprehensive and effective plan to better protect people in this demographic by the current US Administration, older Americans are apparently now considered expendable.

A sad state of affairs especially in this time Mythologist Michael Meade calls the Great Forgetting. And it is particularly sad because history shows us that nations that have honored the wisdom and well-being of their elders have prospered while those who have denied these things have imploded, and often before their time.


This is one of the reasons we created AgeNation, have written several of our books - Say Yes To Change, Authenticity and, especially Do Not Go Quietly - and why we produced the new, award winning, 40 Episode Ageless Living Television Series that is now airing on a number of PBS stations around the country.

But it is also clear to us that we must do more.   Indeed we believe each of us who already numbers among those the group we define as ‘those who weren’t born yesterday’‘ (Older GenXers, Boomers and Elders) as well as those of who are younger and have older family members and friends and who are now inheriting the future, would be wise to also do more. 


We believe we must vote for leaders who understand the enormous challenges facing us as a result of this demographic shift and proactively commit to supporting new socially conscious policies and legislation that expand the social safety net.


We must also vote with our dollars to support only those institutions, businesses, and media sources that pay attention to the needs and well-being of our elders. And lastly, we must become more proactive in contributing to cross generational collaboration and collaboration, to the elimination of Ageism as the only remaining acceptable prejudice and we must contribute our skills, experience and wisdom to a world that is so desperately out of balance, and out of touch with history.


What additional things do you think we need to do?  We would love to have you share them with us at so that we can better shape a future World I Want Open Zoom Collaboratory on this topic.

We thank everyone who has contributed to help support our ongoing work.  We greatly appreciate your heartfelt encouragement and support.  Your participation in The World I Want Collaboratory, other special programs and offerings and The Wisdom Club help us continue our creative efforts to find ways to support you to renew and expand your life, and contribute to humanity’s journey and the well-being of this precious earth in this very challenging time.

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