OCTOBER 15, 2020 | BY  George and Sedena Cappannelli

The lyrics in the title song from the Broadway musical, Annie - “Tomorrow. Tomorrow” were written to give us hope.  “! I love ya tomorrow! You’re always a day a way!”   Unfortunately it appears many of us have taken this message too literally and as a result spend a significant amount of time in our lives waiting for tomorrow.  We wait for the next something or someone to appear hoping it or they will make us happier, wealthier, more content or, at the very least, it or they will distract us from some discomfort or confusion we are experiencing at the moment.  


Unfortunately, our experience has shown that this focus on “a tomorrow that is always a day away” too often ends up being the very thing that prevents us from doing in this moment what we can and need to do to create the kind and the quality of life we want to be living today.


Indeed, when we spend our time waiting for the phone to ring, the weekend to arrive, the invitation to come, the workday to end or the vacation to start; when we wait for the stock market to go up or down, or for that next special person to come into our lives, and especially for someone else or the world to change, we actually prevent ourselves from doing in the here and now the very thing that will actually make tomorrow different and better.  And, along the way we miss a whole lot of discoveries, lessons, joys and daily miracles– both small and large –that can make every ‘now’ quite remarkable. 


If any of this rings true for you, we have a simple and very valuable suggestion…

Stop Waiting for Tomorrow and start living your life fully and courageously today!                                                              

Yes, stop waiting for someone to give you the answer or the magic formula that is yours and only yours to discover. Stop waiting for a different life to somehow magically materialize and start being deeply grateful for the gift that is your life in this moment.  Stop waiting and start using this gift and the energy and talents you already have.  Start identifying and learning new skills that can support you to do what you love to do, and, in this way, celebrate the life you are here to live.


We Are Grateful


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