Touching The Heart & Healing The Soul of America

An Entertaining 2 Hour Non-Partisan Live-Stream-Celebration of Democracy

“When we surrender to the wisdom of the heart, we live in alignment with Natural law and in harmony with Source. 

-George Cappannelli

In the morning of January 19th 10:00 AM MT, just one day before the Inauguration of our 46th President of these United States, AgeNation and Ubiquity University with the support of The Circle of Wisdom, The Committee for A More Positive Future, Ageless Living, Empower New Mexico and a number of other valued partners presented a free, Non-Partisan, 2-hour Pre-Inaugural Live Stream Celebration on Humanity Rising (with audiences in 50 countries) and a number of other major live steaming platforms.  

“We are born to be the architects of the future, not its victims.”

 - Buckminster Fuller


We have the opportunity to turn the page from a time of division and confusion to one of greater hope and possibility, from a time in which our differences obstruct our progress and endanger our Democracy to one in which our common needs, aspirations and challenges can unite us in creating a more positive future for all. 


Touching The Heart & Healing The Soul of America is also designed to invite and encourage “We the People”, the 5th Estate and a most essential component in our System of Checks and Balances, to continue playing our necessary and critical role in preserving our Democracy, addressing the systemic challenges of our time,  reestablishing truth as the foundation for our decision making process and reigniting trust and confidence for our nation in the hearts of all citizens as well as people in other countries around the world whose eyes will be focused on this Inauguration.

“What we reach for may be different, but what makes us reach is the same.”

-Mark Nepo             


Some of the authors and experts (we call them Wisdom Keepers) of our time who will participate include: Grandmother Flordemayo, Lynne Twist, Gregg Braden, Thomas Moore, Andrew Harvey, Mark Nepo, Michael Meade, Paul Levy, Michael Nagler.  Younger Wisdom Keepers who will inspire us include: Lyla June, Justin Michael Williams, Solomon Masala, Gabriella Masala and others.  


Topics will include: the new story, sufficiency, non-violence, regeneration, healing our divides, the power of one, social justice, sacred activism, indigenous rights, equal rights, racial/gender equality and curing the disease of the soul that is running rampant in our time.

Grandmother Flordemayo      

Gregg Braden

Lynn Twist

Andrew Harvey

Cynthia James

Michael Meade

Lyla June

Mark Nepo

Thomas Moore

Solomon Masala

Michael Nagler

Justin Michael Williams

Paul Levy

Gabriela Masala

Sedena Cappannelli

George Cappannelli

Keb Mo

Eric Lindberg​ and Dani Zasloff



Emmy and Telly Award Winning Co-Producer/Director, George Cappannelli, Telly Award Winning Co-Producer Sedena Cappannelli, Associate Producers Kit Thomas, Teana David, Dana Walden, Sherril Schlesinger and an outstanding team of best-selling authors and experts, talented musicians, film makers, and social and political activists are coming together to celebrate, entertain, inform and inspire in words, music, and visuals.


Heart opening and mind expanding music videos will support the various themes.  Inspiring quotes and visuals set to well-known and uplifting music tracks will do more. And interspersed throughout there will be comments and opinions from citizens of different ages, genders, races, ethnicities, and belief systems.  The viewing audience will also have the opportunity to contribute thoughts and suggestions via Live Chat.


 We Have The Power To Heal

The Insanity That Plagues Our Time

It’s time to Do What Must Be Done!​

What We the People Can Dream, 

We Can Do!


Restorative Justice &

Truth and Reconciliation

Fulfilling The Promises Articulated 

In Our Founding Documents

Creating The Lives We Were Born To Live

in the World We Want To Live In 

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