Touching The Heart & Healing The Soul of America

A Live-Stream Special Celebrating Democracy

We appreciate your interest in Touching The Heart & Healing The Soul  of America, featuring a host of very talented, inspiring authors, experts, musicians, dancers, constructive social activists and film makers who came together to honor the turning of the page from a time of division and confusion to one of greater hope and possibility.


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What an enormous accomplishment! I can imagine the organizing, coordinating, juggling multiple formats, prioritizing all the material, adding stock images and video. Hats off to you!


WOW, brought me back to sanity. – THANK YOU AND BLESS EVERYONE INVOLVED. 


Wonderful program today! It is exactly what we need to move forward with new energy. Beautifully put together with nice flow and rhythm.


I'm not a Democrat but I loved the spirit of this program.  It helped me remember we really are all in this together.


What a spectacular presentation.  I salute what you continue to do for the planet.  


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