Humanity stands at a fragile threshold with two clear choices: 

1.    Continue to worship a vision of power, division and

         separation totally distanced from sacred reality;  or

2.     Choose the path that reveals the greatest imaginable

         possibility being born out of the greatest imaginable disaster.

This Radical Regeneration WisdomClass is much more than a traditional learning experience.  Yes, you will learn many essential and valuable things that will support you in living a life in this time of unprecedented challenge with greater courage, meaning and purpose.  But this unique journey you are about to take is also a journey to the heart of the matter.


Through a provocative, inspiring series of dialogues with Wisdom Keeper and Mystic Andrew Harvey, you will come to better understand some of the reasons he and his good friend and co-author Carolyn Baker believe, we are currently being asked to navigate through this Dark Night of The Soul and toward an evolution, what Andrew and Carolyn call our ‘transmutation’ from the Ordinary Human into the Divine Embodied Human.  


Through their passionate, poetic language, Andrew and Carolyn, supported by host George Cappannelli, offer you new insights on how humanity has arrived at this precarious point in history, what it means and a variety of paths and tools that can support us, those we love and humanity as a whole to mitigate and minimize some of these extraordinary challenges, and to capitalize on the remarkable opportunities and ultimately advance one of the greatest evolutions in the history of our species.               

How We Got Here

For thousands of years seers and visionaries from numerous wisdom traditions have spoken about the dawning of a time when Homo sapiens would be able to make a next and giant evolutionary leap to finally embody the Divine.  


This foretelling did not reveal​ exactly when this transmutation would occur nor how it could be accomplished.  Nor did the ancients address the fact that we, in clinging too long to an old story – a story based on competition, scarcity, the few having power over the many, consumption, abdication of truth, and indifference to natural law and to the well-being of other species and our precious planet – would find ourselves living lives that are not just difficult and painful, not just obstructed and destructive, but increasingly unsustainable.  

This WisdomClass which is based on it, can help you to move forward with courage and a new level of resolve and commitment to meet what many suggest are the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced, challenges that will ultimately determine whether Homo sapiens, all of the other species, and the very habitat that supports us will survive.

As hard as this truth may be to hear and to take in and as great as these challenges may be, Andrew and Carolyn also encourage us to remember that this time will also allow us, if we are willing to do what must be done, to participate in the miracle of giving birth to that dream, that elevated vision of what humanity and what life on earth can be, that has always lived in the depths of our hearts. 


Only in this way can the transmutation of the ordinary human into the embodiment of The Divine Human occur that Andrew and Carolyn speak about.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Many

Benefits That Await You

 In this time of choice and consequence

you have the opportunity to: 

1. Participate willingly and fully in the three primary stages of human evolution - transformation, transfiguration and transmutation. 


2. Move past humanity’s compulsion to have power over the world, over others who occupy it and the species that sustain it.   


3. Move beyond the false vision that leads to separation, struggle for supremacy and the illusion of independence, 


4. Surrender to the harmony, alignment and cooperation with the Divine,


5. Live in a state of deeper flow and with a knowing that can bring humanity great peace even in a time of extraordinary crisis and dramatic change.


6. Experience new opportunities for creative expression and a new depth of relationship with yourself, with others, and with the Divine. 


7. Fulfill your destiny and support this long-awaited and collective migration of consciousness from the ordinary human to the new embodied Divine Human;


8. Soar to new heights and truly usher in a New Age, the Golden Age the image of which we have held in the quiet, sacred depths of our hearts for millennia.

A Few More Brief Insights from Andrew

The WisdomClass Faculty

Andrew Harvey

 Co-Author & Featured Speaker

Andrew Harvey an author, religious scholar, mystic. Founder and Director of The Institute for Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability.


He is the author of over 30 books, including, The Hope, A Guide to Sacred Activism, The Direct Path, the critically acclaimed Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi, The Return of the Mother and Son of Man, A journey in Ladakh, Radical Passion, and Radical Regeneration.


He was the subject of the 1993 BBC documentary "The Making of a Modern Mystic."

Carolyn Baker is one of our indispensable spiritual guides to the global dark night process we are living. She has written many major books including Sacred Demise and Navigating the Coming Chaos. Four years ago, Andrew and Carolyn began their luminous collaboration with Return to Joy and following it with three other titles: Savage Grace, Saving Animals from Ourselves and Radical Regeneration. 


This collaboration has been a source of tremendous joy for both of them and has been met with deep appreciation and acclaim from sacred activists everywhere because they recognize that it fuses together seamlessly Carolyn’s illusionless, grounded, sober approach and Andrew’s ecstatic mystical vision of a new humanity. 

Carolyn Baker


George Cappannelli

 Series Host

George Cappannelli is an award-winning author, an expert on individual, organizational and societal change and internationally known consultant and coach who has worked with hundreds of the country’s leading organizations in both the private and public sectors and many thousands of individuals in his public programs. 


He is also an Emmy Award winning television producer/director and co-producer/director of the new 40 Episode Ageless Living Television Series now airing on PBS stations across the country and an award winning sculptor.


George has co-authored 5 award winning books with Sedena, his wife. Do Not Go Quietly, (winner of 9 national book awards including a Gold Nautilus Award). He has also authored, The Power of One, The Merlin Manuscript, It’s About Time and Timelessness, and a trilogy of novels, Old Stones and Promises.

Radical Regeneration Testimonials

If ever we needed a guidebook that truly addressed the crises of our times while inspiring us with guidance and wisdom, this is that book.

Caroline Myss

Author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Intimate Conversations with the Divine

This is a demanding book - but our times are demanding. It is an honest book - and our times demand truth.

Matthew Fox

American priest, theologian and author

The genius of this book is the knowledge that this catastrophe is a necessary precursor to a radical transformation that we are co-creating with the divine. Radical Regeneration is an indispensable guide for what lies ahead.

Betty J. Kovacs, Ph.D

Author of Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That is Changing the World

This book, Radical Regeneration, is a radiant offering of the possibility of the evolution of human consciousness in the midst of extinction. Its exactly the fierce and sacred medicine we need right now​.

V (formerly known as Eve Ensler)

Author of the Vagina Monologues and The Apology

Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker invite us to rise to these times as a grand initiation, to be renewed in splendor, or to stand idly and be swallowed by Kali, the goddess of time and death.​

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D​.

Bestselling author of One Spirit Medicine and Shaman Healer Sage

Radical Regeneration by Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker, is truly a book for our times.  This is not magical thinking, New-Age, feel-good book that tells us everything is going to be OK.  On the contrary, it looks at the impending, self-created catastrophes that are converging on our world with the spiritual wisdom born of eldership and deep self-inquiry.

Paul Levy

Author of Dispelling Wetiko and The Quantum Revelation.

A Brief Guide To Your Six Week

Radical Regeneration WisdomClass

This WisdomClass is presented by AgeNation,

The Ageless Living Series and The Institute for Sacred Activism. 

It can be your next step on the adventure of a lifetime and it includes:​

An Introduction To The Radical Regeneration Masterclass With Andrew Harvey & George Cappannelli (FREE)

4 Video Modules On Radical Regeneration – Presented As Series of Engaging and Entertaining Dialogues Between Andrew Harvey and George Cappannelli 

(Valued at $239)

4 MP3 Audios of the Radical Regeneration Video Modules

(Valued at $99)

Module One  

Key Topic - Defining Sacred Activism, The Holy Force That Can Do Miracles in Seeming Intractable Circumstances and Introducing Radical Regeneration and Exploring the 5 Major, Intractable Crises – Covid, Climate, Species Extinction, Economic & Inequality Chaos, Spiritual Crisis. 


Additional Topics – What is the purpose of these Crises?   How to meet them?  How to die into life?  The Dance of Extreme Opposites – The Marriage of The Wisdom of The Serpent and the Innocence of the Dove.  What is being demanded of us in this time?

Module Two

Recap of Module One,

Key Topics - Defining Wetiko; And The Magnificent Ascent of Possibility – Radical Reframing The Crisis, State One – The Initiatory Process and The Dissent – The Apocalypse and The Anti –Christ


Additional Topics - The Bankruptcy of The Old Story, Exploring The Real Story, Mystic Practices That Can Help Us Get Into Contact With The Divine Consciousness, The 5 Shadows That Are Impeding Our Consciousness, The Pain of The Dark Night Is Essential Part of Regeneration, Resurrection of Truth and Self, Individual and Planetary Rituals of Initiation.

Module Three

Recap of Module Two; 

Key Topics - Shattering of Fantasies and Pretenses; How you can be simultaneously open to this event of extinction and totally open to this event of transmutation;


Additional Topics - The Birth of A New Evolutionary Truth; The Five Aspects of The Collective Shadow, The Personal Shadow and How to approach shadow work from a perspective of the Divine Self; The Technological Shadow, The Systematic Crucifixion of Truth; The Marriage of Science and Spirituality – Mysterious Stability, Endless Creativity, Boundless Capacity for Transmutation; The Great Secret, The awakening beyond all dogma and religion.

Module Four

Recap of Module Three –

Key Topics - Defining Transformation, Transfiguration, Transmutation.  New forces entering human destiny now to make the quantum leap to the next stage of evolution possible;


Additional Topics - The Greatest Imaginal Evolutionary Ordeal; Knowing what is happening give us the courage to surrender; “Man is an unfinished adventure;” New transfigured way of dealing with the shadow; The Importance understanding evil and darkness plays in true wisdom, Enlightened Intimacy, Love teaches us intimacy with all things; Why we have to risk this adventure; You do not have to be an evolved Mystic to start empty yourself of yourself, Inheriting the Divine Potential within you.

2 Live Integration & Q&A Sessions

(Valued at $139)

Session One 

An intimate and powerful Live, Zoom Gathering during which you will be able to ask your questions about Radical Regeneration, and interact directly with Andrew and more deeply integrate the guidance provided in the book and in this breakthrough WisdomClass.

Session Two 

This second intimate and powerful Live, Digital Session will deepen your experience, allow you to also learn from the perspectives and experience of other participants, ask more of your questions and spend more personal time with Andrew.

A Treasure Trove Of Bonuses and Support Programs 

(Valued at $599)

In keeping with the spirit and intent of this unique WisdomClass, each of these offerings is far more than a bonus. Each contains not just information to watch, listen to or read in the hope it will advance our careers, improve our finances or help us to develop new personal skills.  These programs contain a vital, living, creative energy to be absorbed, lived with and allowed to have its way with us not just for a time, but for all time. 


Andrew Harvey On Kabir 

A Truly Powerful and Inspiring Five- Half-Hour Videos Series On One of Humanity’s Most Extraordinary Poets & Guides.

Kabir along with Rumi is one of humanities two universal mystic poets. He lived in the 14th century in Benares, India and was a revolutionary that stressed the direct connection with the divine beyond dogma and religion. He himself underwent the mutation into embodied divine humanity which he called “turning to gold”. Andrew Harvey spent five years translating his naked, fierce, passionate and exalted poems and putting 108 of them into his acclaimed book, Turn Me to Gold. He did this because he believes that Kabir is our most truthful and inspiring guide to the great regenerative transformation Kabir himself lived and we are now all going through.


Just as Rumi is returning to us in this dangerous time to guide us through the dark night into divine humanity, so is Kabir with his unique, radical voice of flame and truth.


As Andrew Harvey wrote, “When you enter into a Kabir poem, you enter the Kabir field- it is electric, incisive, clean and clear. If the sword of Truth could sing, it would sing like Kabir.”


In these valuable five videos, Andrew unveils Kabir’s vision of what Andrew calls “engoldenment.” Each video is dedicated to one of Kabir’s central major poems which Andrew unpacks in rich detail and relates directly to our time and its wild challenges to reveal that the poems are not simply gorgeous testimonies to the mystical life, but direct calls to all of us to establish our own connection to the divine and to plunge deeply into what the divine is offering us- a transfiguration of heart, mind, soul and body, a birth into the next level of our evolutionary destiny, as prefigured and known by its great prophet Kabir.

This passionate and inspired reading by Andrew of his breakthrough book - The Hope that explores Sacred Activism as compassion in action - the blending of physical work with spiritual intent to create a holy force and fusion of humankind's greatest achievements and principles.

“Every age has its teachers, who keep the eternal truths alive for all of us. In the case of Andrew Harvey, the light he sheds is like a meteor burst across the inner sky.”  Marianne Williamson, the best-selling author of The Age of Miracles.

In The Hope, Andrew Harvey offers not only a guide to discovering your divine purpose but also the blueprint for a better world. It consists of the necessary elements that can inspire greatness in each of us. Based on Harvey’s concepts of Sacred Activism, a global initiative designed to save the world from its downward spiral of greed, pain, and self-destruction, the book is an enlightening text that reflects our world today, while in turn, shapes our future.

The Hope, An Audio Edition

Andrew Harvey and Ramesh Bjonnes 

An Inspiriting Video Interview Between Andrew Harvey & Ramesh Bjonnes


Ramesh Bjonnes is a major teacher of tantra which he recognizes as the force behind potentially revolutionary arising of sacred activism. In this electric conversation with Andrew, he brilliantly guides Andrew into sharing a full blown vision that matches and enhances his own regarding the way in which sacred activism and the great evolutionary shift we are experiencing work together to build the foundations of Radical Regeneration and the new Divine Human.


This conversation has gone viral and excited a tremendous response in seekers and sacred activists globally and Andrew wants to offer it here for further inspiration and profound encouragement. 

Still More Valuable Bonuses and Support Materials

Touching The Heart & Healing The Soul of America

This Inspiring, Heart Opening, Two Hour Live Stream Celebration of Hope and Possibility is also a call to Sacred Activism.  Streamed to audiences in 60 countries on the day before the Inauguration of our, duly elected 46th President, this program was Co-Produced and Hosted by George and Sedena Cappannelli with Gabriella Masala.  It features inspiration, valuable recommendations and life strategies from award winning authors, Lynne Twist, Gregg Braden, Andrew Harvey, Michael Meade, Michael Nagler, Paul Levy, Justine Michael Williams, Solomon Masala, US Astronaut Cady Coleman, and Poet/Activist Steve Connell. 


It also includes music by Petra Haden. Music Videos by George Cappannelli & Sherril Schlesinger – I Dream; The Alvin Ailey Dancers - A Call to Unite; Cynthia James – America The Beautiful; Lyla June Gordon - Native Anthem; Keb Mo - Put A Woman In Charge; Scarecrow Adams - How Bout Us; Nefesh Mountain - This Land Is Your Land; A UN Climate Change Music Video featuring Jane Goodall, A Dana Walden/Justin Walden Creation – Democracy; and Shelea – We The People.  A collaborative, creative 

The Power of One eBook 


This Guide To Conscious Activism by George Cappannelli,  is designed support us, individually and collectively, in Saving Our Democracy, and in better preparing to  meet the major challenges and capitalize on the remarkable opportunities that lie ahead.  It is taken from a  new book of the same name that will be released in the Spring of 2021

Your Keys to Ageless Living eBook


 This book contains insights and helpful strategies for living a life unboundaried by the limits of time from several of the authors who are part of George & Sedena Cappannelli’s award-winning, 40 Episode Ageless Living Television Series now airing on PBS stations across the country.

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The Ageless Living Wisdom Club subscription series has been created to support us in navigating some of the primary challenges we face and in manifesting the most important goals we hope to achieve.  It does this by helping us reduce limiting beliefs and negative habitual patterns that get in our way and provides us with the inspiration to live an authentic life, the life we have come here to live.


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